art page 12/09/2021

just added an art page for all the art i do, yes i know my art sucks but i just do it for fun. art

nagatoro my beloved 30/08/2021

just finished watching nagatoro, i loved it. only problem i had with it is that sometimes it was a bit too sexual for me and made me feel uncomfortable but it was tolerable. the art style was very good, in some scenes shit's looked so fucking good i love it. im def going to read the manga too as soon as possible

changed almost everything, basically a new direction 29/08/2021

if anyone noticed, i changed almost everything especially the about me page. the text is now more serious and less childish, i made this change because i realized that first of all it looks bad in general if youre not an actual child, but also because now the site is presentable to irl people without people looking weird at me. hope you can understand. i also decided to ditch completely the pink aestetic i was going everywhere for basically the same reason, i dont want to be that "pastel uwu femboy" i was going for, instead im going with a more serious, relaxed persona, and also for now im going to use a lightish brown as my color because i really love it and it goes well with how i think and how i want to be. i'm also going to re write all the news for the same reason. i also started watching イジらないで、長瀞さん (don't toy with me, miss nagatoro), ive actally wanted to watch this as soon it got announced but i forgot about it for some time and remembered yesterday after watching some clips on youtube about it. so far im really liking it and i might start the manga too if i feel like to. i got a lot of stuff to watch/read but i kinda stopped for some reason and im glad im starting again. another thing is that im going to ditch the rss feed, only because i find it hard to keep updated, if anyone knows a easy way to generate xml files for like rss shit please tell me either on discord or send me an email (theyre both at the bottom of the about me page), anyways thats it for today

actual socials 16/08/2021

finally instead of using linktree for my social page ive made my own, check it out. socials. i have also put all assets like photos in their own folder so now they are like in "" instead of ""

discord server 04/07/2021

I finally have a discord server, feel free to join and have fun with us

im sorry 27/06/2021

i am very sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing important is happening in my life so i have nothing to talk about and also recently im not feeling that well mentally so yeah that too. if someone has any questions or just wanna talk, email me and ill love to reply

startpage (now gone) and github 13/06/2021

today i wanted to make a startpage for my browser, so that maybe i can also make my html skills a little bit better, and i came across this. i am not a huge fan of minimalism / material design like i used to be before, but since it looked perfect with my browser (the fucking new firefox ui) i decided to fork it and use my own links. and here we are, now i have my own startpage, feel free to see the code here. anyways thats it for today

the news are out 12/06/2021

this is the first news, here i will talk about cool stuff that happens in my life, like for example today i got coronavirus vaccine, i also added some cool links in the top to navigate the website btter and i also added my email on my about me page. i also removed some stuff and organized the code a bit of every page. if you have any suggestions email me